Helping creative entrepreneurs share their passion.

About Creative Technology Services

Creative Technology Services is a family owned and operated company out of Elko, Nevada. We have been in business since November of 2011.

What we do:

We provide quick, easy, and painless tools you need to communicate who you are, what you offer, and the benefits your products or services provide in a way that will speak to the people that are right now searching for what you have to offer

Who we serve:

We find that we do our best work when we work with creative entrepreneurs. That’s because we are creative entrepreneurs. We understand the unique needs and obstacles to success faced by artists, musicians, writers, designers, and game developers because we do those things, too. We know how hard it can be to stand out in the crowd and make your voice heard above the noise.

Why we serve you:

We believe that you have something magical to share with the world. You have a message, a vision, and a perspective that the world needs which only you can deliver.  When we help you share that magic with the world, it becomes a better place for everyone. That’s why we do what we do, and that’s what keeps us motivated to do it.

Who we are:

Training and copywritingBrandy M. Miller

In charge of developing training materials for creative entrepreneurs, Brandy studied Graphic Design and Game Art and Design through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online. She has an associate’s degree in Elementary Education and is the current president of the Elko County Writers, a 2014 Municipal Liason for Nanowrimo, and a past president of the Elko County Art Club.  She has written and published four books, all of which are available through Amazon, and is in the process of writing several more.

She spent three years working in the marketing department of Verizon Wireless before becoming a freelance graphic designer. After much discussion, the Millers decided to combine their talents and formed Creative Technology Services in November 2011. At the time, their focus was on graphic design, web design  & development, and custom programming.  As part of their marketing efforts, Brandy began writing books and developing her creative talents.

It was in the process of researching the best means of marketing her books that Brandy and Randy began to clarify their ideas and focus on the talents that came naturally to them – training and technology.  Using their insider’s knowledge of what drives creative entrepreneurs and the struggles they face, the couple decided to create training and develop technology that would be specifically tailored toward them.


In charge of all things computer related, Randell “Randy” Miller has spent over 25 years working with computers and more than 20 years in the IT industry in various positions from computer repair to programming. His passion for video games and programming are a crucial asset to the operations of Creative Technology Services and provide the ability to turn the training materials developed by Brandy into programs that help automate the process.

From 2009-2011, he developed a small fantasy wrestling game called Universal Wrestling Experience which attracted 30 regular players.  After undergoing two separate restarts, it died out due to a lack of funding and struggles marketing it successfully. However, the dream did not die out. Armed with the marketing skills learned over the last few years, Randell is putting together a team to revisit the project and rebuild it from scratch in a new and improved platform.


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