Welcome to Creative Technology Services. It’s our job to help you learn the skills you need to market your work to the people who need it

What marketing is

It’s communication that encourages conversation. Those conversations open the door to earning the trust and respect of the client so that they are willing to turn over money to you to benefit from what you offer.

What marketing is NOT

Marketing is not sales. Marketing is a matchmaker that attracts the right people to you and introduces the two of you to one another.  It’s still up to you to have the conversation once the right person is there.

Why people hate marketing

Most people don’t understand how marketing works, so they do it wrong. They are dishonest in their approach, deceptive in their communication, and they work hard to hide the truth because they are afraid the truth will scare off prospects and kill their sales. That’s why people don’t believe a single word that’s written in most advertisements. People expect that it’s going to be a lie and we’ll have to work to find the truth.

Why that’s a bad approach

Dishonest communication may start a conversation, but it’s not going to keep one going. It’s like showing up to a date with padding in the bra, false teeth, and a wig. The prospect may fall in love with the image you’re presenting, but that image isn’t you. When they discover the truth about who you really are and what you really look like, you’re both likely to get your hearts broken.

The right approach to marketing

Good marketing isn’t hiding anything. It is what it is. It never says anything that it can’t deliver, and it doesn’t need fine print to back it up. Good marketing clearly and concisely communicates what it offers, what can be expected from accepting the offer, and how to take advantage of that offer.

We help you stand out

We don’t deny it. As a creative entrepreneur, one of your biggest challenges is standing out from among all of the competition that surrounds you. We help you figure out what makes you different from the rest so that you can step out from the crowd and start getting noticed.

We help you find your audience

Your work isn’t meant for everyone.  There is a specific group of people that your work is going to appeal to, and those people are searching for you right now. We teach you how to find those people, so you can begin communicating with them.

We help you find the words to say

Knowing what to put in your marketing materials can be a mystery. We take the mystery out of it, and show you exactly how to speak to your audience to attract their attention and assure them that you are the right fit for what they need.

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