Pokemon Go: Missed Marketing Opportunities

Pokemon Go is unquestionably successful in its delivery. People are playing it everywhere they go. But from a marketing standpoint, they missed the boat. Here are the mistakes they made and what you, as the creative entrepreneur, can learn from it:

Control Versus Connection

Pokemon Go developers did put in a system to monetize the experience. That’s great, because it makes sure the game can continue running since it will have the resources it needs to do so. However, in choosing the monetization strategy of micro-payments – users pay them to get the tools they need to advance in the game – they missed out on a bigger opportunity. The opportunity exists to connect business owners together with the players and have BUSINESSES pick up the tab for the materials in exchange for the ability to easily draw customers to their location or their website. Who wouldn’t consider it a bargain to pay a small monthly fee in order to get all the traffic they could handle coming to their website or business?

Limitation Versus Expansion

They have done a great job of creating a world that people want to be part of and join in on but they limit that world to what they can control. If they would make licenses or software that allow people to develop their own creations to add to the game, that would greatly expand the play factor and the enjoyment of their characters. Set the guidelines and limitations on what can and can’t be put into the game world, but give people the freedom to customize the game for an additional cost and you will find that game still being played 20 years from now.

Potential Ideas for Pokemon Go Developments

Go dating: Matching players up based on their favorite pokemon and play styles.
Go connect: Making friends with people based on their favorite pokemon and play styles.
Go party: Sponsor parties where people who come can get special items and meet other players
Go hiking: Encourage wilderness exploration trips where Go players can encounter nature and play at the same time
Go workout: Develop a workout that gyms who buy special licenses can use on their pokemon go players. They have to complete certain segments of the workout in order to earn items they can use in game.

Breaking out of the Box

Part of the problem with Pokemon Go is not the game itself. It’s that the developers didn’t think big enough. They didn’t ask themselves the right questions. They have the service of their core users in mind, but they’re not asking themselves how they can connect those core users with people outside of their usual circle of influence. How can they use their game to expand the world of their users by making paths that people who aren’t Pokemon Go users can use to benefit from the game? The more ways you can help your customers or clients connect to the people around them, the more beneficial your product or service will be.

Think Bigger!

The key to building a wildly successful business is to think bigger than the product or service you are creating. Think: How can I use this as a launching pad to ensuring that my customers get more of their needs, wants, and desires met? How can I expand the opportunities for my ideal client?

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