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Top 5 Business Blog Mistakes

Top 5 Business Blog Mistakes

For over a decade, blogging has been advocated as a method of driving traffic to your website and demonstrating your authority. However, there is a lot of confusion about what should go into a business blog and how to make it a useful part of your business. This is a problem that is faced by […]

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Why Are You Hiding Your Blog?

Don't Hide Your Blog

You write a blog but you bury the link to it in tiny print on the footer of your homepage, and you never mention it to your customers or prospects. Or you put it on the last page of your website, in tiny print, almost as if you are apologizing for its existence. Hiding your […]

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You’re Leaving Me Cold

How to Lose Your Email Leads

You’ve done the work to put together an email list. You write a great newsletter and you send it out to them. Most of them don’t open it. Those that do, don’t respond to it. The time and effort you put into collecting leads bears no fruit, and you don’t know why. Here is what […]

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Who Is Your Blog Serving?

5 Business Blog Readers

In our last post in the Better Business Blog Series, I mentioned that one of the top 5 mistakes that business bloggers make is forgetting who they are serving. Making your blog all about you is the fastest way to kill a blog. The blog has to be geared toward serving the needs of your […]

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A Case Study in Branding

Belinda's Throws Business Card

The toughest challenge a creative entrepreneur faces is in standing out among the crowd of other creative entrepreneurs to let their light shine. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with a quilter who goes by the name of @BelindasThrows on Twittter. Facebook Comments

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Creative Ways to Talk about Serious Subjects

Zombies Attack

In my last blog post, I talked about coming up with a creative ad campaign to tackle taboo topics in marketing. Today’s blog post is all about developing a marketing campaign to sell an unpopular cure to one of society’s most depressing problems. Facebook Comments

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Creative Solutions to the Thinx Marketing Problem

The Period Matters

I read an article in Newsweek today about periods. Not the literary sort, but the kind that every woman encounters as she matures. The article was discussing cultural taboos about discussing periods and Thinx‘s problem marketing their products for women because of it. And by the end of the article, I knew how to solve […]

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Marketing Minute: The Marketing Conversation

Marketing is a conversation

Creative Technology Services explains the role of branding in building a marketing strategy.

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Marketing Minute: A Brand Versus a Logo

A Brand versus a Logo

When most people start a business, their mind immediately jumps to creating a logo. That’s because most people think building a brand and creating a logo are the same thing. In reality, building a brand is a lot more like creating a character for a book. You give this character a style and a personality, […]

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