Your work isn’t selling.

You put your heart and soul into every piece you create. People tell you all the time your work is great and they love it. But they don’t buy. You don’t know why. You don’t know what you’re doing wrong, or how to fix it.

Creative Technology Services can help.


Defining your message.

Your work sends a silent message. You need to know what that message is and be consistent in delivering it before you’ll be able to attract the people that message is ideally suited to serve. 

Discovering your audience.

There are people out there who are in need of your message. They are desperate to hear what you have to say no matter what shape your message takes. Creative Technology Services is here to help you find those people, understand who they are, and figure out what is happening in their lives that makes them so desperate to hear that message.

Identifying Your Values

What is it that truly matters to you? Those values you hold dear will be reflected in the people you serve. Setting those values in front of them helps them to see you as one of them.

Developing Your Vision

You don’t just want to sell your creative work. You want to make a difference. You want to create the world a better place. Creative Technology Services will help you develop that vision so you can communicate it to your audience and make them part of it every time you sell  your work. 


Packaging Your Message

It’s not enough to have a message. Your message needs the right packaging to attract the attention of your audience. We help you decide the best way to package that message to appeal to the people your message is ideally suited to serve.

Choosing a Delivery Method

Once the packaging is selected, it’s time to decide how you are going to deliver that message to your audience based on your knowledge of how your audience prefers to receive it. Do they prefer phone calls, emails, direct mail, or social media messages?

Timing It Just Right.

Knowing your audience well enough to know when they are at their most receptive is another piece of the marketing puzzle. If your message is incredible and your packaging is perfect but your target audience is not ready to buy, you may have just spent a lot of time and energy for nothing. Creative Technology Services can help you figure out the right time for optimal results.

Selecting the Right Location.

Where is it your audience is most likely to be spending their time? That’s an important question. Are they Facebook Fanatics or LinkedIn Lovers? Are they Twitter Tweeters or Pinterest Pickers? Are they the kind of person that attends conventions and business conferences? Wherever they are, you need to know it and be prepared to meet them there. Creative Technology Services will help you discover where you are most likely to meet your ideal audience member so they can start getting to know all about you and the work you do.




Work Smarter. Not Harder.

It takes you hours, days, months, possibly even years to put together a single work. It can take you just as long, or longer, to find a buyer who is willing to pay the full price for the original work. How do you make money in the meantime?

Growing Your Fan Base

The more people that know about your work you, the more opportunities you have to share your message. Creative Technology Services can help you put together a plan that will build your fan base while increasing your opportunities to profit from your work. It’s not about selling out. It’s about serving your audience in ways that no one else is or can by delivering that message that only you can deliver based on your past experience and knowledge base.

Putting Your Fans to Work For You

Your fans want to be part of helping you spread your message. All they need from you is the tools and the training to do just that. Creative Technology Services can help you build a fan-tastic incentive package that will have your fans eager and ready to spread the message for you without you having to pay a penny. It’s about building loyalty by giving them more than they expected to receive and doing that on a consistent basis.

One Hundred Ways to Capitalize On Your Work

At Creative Technology Services, we don’t just help you brand and market your business. We can help you figure out how to get a bigger return on your investment by creating derivative works that will help support you while you work on your next masterpiece. If you’re a visual artist, we can help you turn your work into greeting cards, fabrics, and even customized shoes. And that’s just the beginning. Want bigger ticket offerings? We can help.