CTS Auto LAnding Page Plugin

One of the most difficult things about scaling up your online marketing is keeping your content relevant.  Sure, you can create campaigns for all the neighboring cities in a 100 mile radius, but unless you create individual landing pages for each of those new cities, you’re going to have a difficult time converting.

You use to have only two options:  Use a landing page that is generic and doesn’t directly match the terms you used in your campaign, or spend time (and MONEY!) on creating landing pages for each new campaign you are expanding to.

Now you have a third option!  Creative Technology Services has created a plugin that will allow you to create landing pages dynamically using a template and variable system.  It uses regular URLs, so you don’t have to deal with messy looking query variables, uses your currently installed theme’s templates, and all the tools you already use in WordPress to create great content!

CTS Auto Landing Page Plugin is designed to give agencies the tools to scale quickly.  If you are interested in being a partner and getting access to this plugin, click below to contact us and setup a time to demo what the plugin can do or to receive more information about licensing.

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Create one template, set your variables, have infinite pages instantly!


Use the same WordPress creation tools you already know and love!


Install the plugin, create a template… Landing pages DONE!


Save time and money over making landing pages by hand!